I Could Have Lied
I'm a pretty lousy guitarist but the earlier two versions made me cry, so 
here's my try:


The second riff is just the main riff but
with this change compared to the riff above:
             B|232   (that is: you hammer on and pull off
                      Just change the  0  part in the main riff)
                                      2 2

I think they use open chords here: B D A (B)

Like pre-chorus with a change: B D A G

The solo part I leave to you...

Mail me, critizize me and stuff...

/luxury boy

Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995 17:53:52 -0400
From: svautour@nbnet.nb.ca (serge vautour)
Subject: tab:i could have lied by red hot chili peppers

                      i could have lied
                     red hot chili peppers

i put the original posting below but this is what i think the riffs sound like
h=hammer on 
p=pull off    
Riff #1


riff #2


i though the notes where G D C C but i might be wrong, i`ll have to try the
ones below but i though i was dead on with the riffs.

i just started learning scales and it sounds like if its played in this
scale paterne which i think translates to g scales?

      1   2   3   4   5
so i just fool around in this scale patern (following the pattern down) and
you can play with the solo. it sounds about right? any comments, this is my
first posting!

                           I Could Have Lied
                               by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ok, here are the riffs that are repeated all over the song. You'll have to
listen to the record for
the timing of tabs and chords.


||----------------------------------------------------||  2/5 means slide from
||----------------------------------------------------||  2nd to 5th fret. Same
||-------------2-----------2-----------2/5--3/2-------||  thing for 3/5.


||-------------------------------0h1p0-----------------||    h= hammer on
||-----------------------------------------------------||    p= pull off

riff #1 (x2)

There must be something in the way I feel that she don't want me to feel (#1)
riff #1
The stare she bares cut me, I don't care you see so what if I bleed (#2)
riff #1

D                         C (8th fret)
I could never change just what I feel
   G (3rd fret)              F
My face will never show what is not real

riff #2, riff #1

A mountain never seems to have the need to speak a look that shares so many
seek (#2)
riff #1
The sweetest feeling I got from you the things I said to you were true (#1)
riff #1

D                         C (8th fret)
I could never change just what I feel
   G (3rd fret)              F
My face will never show what is not real

riff #2


D                     C (8th fret)
I could have lied I'm such a fool
   G (3rd fret)                 F
My eyes could never never never keep their cool
D                C (8th fret)
Showed her and I told her how
    G (3rd fret)      F
She struck me but I'm fucked up now

riff #2, riff #1

But now she's gone yes she's gone away a soulful song that would not stay (#2)
riff #1
You see she hides 'cause she is scared but I don't care I won't be spared (#1)
riff #2

(repeat chorus part x 2)

TABBED by: Luigi Anzivino (anzo@kermit.dsnet.it). Mail me! My mail box is
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