Suck My Kiss	

 Key To Tab
				X - Muted strings
				/ - Slide	    
Intro (Repeat 2x)		p - Pull Off	      
				h - Hammer On


Main Riff

|--------------------------------|	This is played during the all the
|--------------------------------|	verses, except the "Aw baby . . ."
|--------------------------------|	parts.



The Chords for the chorus are:

E     Dsus4 D5  Dsus4 D5    A
Hit me, you can't hurt me

suck my kiss

E5    Dsus4 D5 Dsus4 D5 Dsus4    A
kiss me please pervert me

stick with this

E      Dsus4        D5 Dsus4  A  N.C.
is she talking dirty

            E               Dsus4
give to me sweet sacred bliss

Dsus4           A5     N.C.
your mouth was made to suck my kiss
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