Standing in line
To see the show tonight
And there’s a light on
Heavy glow
By the way I tried to say
I’d be there… waiting for
Dani the girl
Is singing songs to me
Beneath the marquee… overload

Steak knife
Card shark
Con job
Boot cut

Skin that flick
She’s suche a little dj
Get there quick
By street but not the freeway
Turn that trick
To make a little leeway
Beat that nic
But not the way that we play

Dog town
Blood bath
Rib cabe
Soft tail

1st half chorus

Black Jack
Dope dick
Pawn shop
Quick pick

Kiss that dyke
I know you want to hold one
Not on strike
But I’m about to bowl one
Bite that mic
I know you never stole one
Girls that like
A story so i told one

Song bird
Main line
Cash back
Hard top


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