Please don’t ask me who
Who you think I am
I could live without that
I’m just a modest man

Meet me at the corner
And tell me what to do
‘Cause I’m messed up on you
And had I known
All that I do now
I’m guessing we’re thru now
Proceding into the forest
I will lay around in wait
And I’ll wait for you

Please don’t ask me where
Where you think I’ve been
I’ve been a lot of places
But this could be my win

I feel so bad
I thought you’d wanna know
Something I want to show
I thought you ought to know

Please don’t say you want
To keep in touch out there
To see you on the corner
Well that I just can’t bear

Hey and I turned
I turned my head when I thought
I saw a sign
From the gods
A sign from the gods
That you weren’t meant to be mine
And it’s fine

Takin’ it all for a ride
Until the day when it’s gone
Mystified by where
It all went wrong
When it’s gone

I live and I learn
And I lose and I win
But it’s better than ever
Whenever I’m in
I thank you girl
For everywhere that we’ve been

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