It is time to sing a little melody,
to make you all feel something sexualy,
and now we’re gonna get it all in the groove,
the groove that makes those smooth hits smooth,
we are funkin that drivin (mistake) bad rythm,
to make those cared little pussy go skiem(mistake)
kiss on kiss on kiss on

In the mind these words as ine (M)
to make you feel fine suckin on mine
and a sixty nine I’m in ine
funk funk funk your brains out
let the moment go and make us shout
push it all in pull it all out
pump that levem till it pows

open up your legs to the sentuwool(M) sound
……………………your really wet mouth
I could stear you know(M) like a horny blood hound
feel the bass hump the ground

Jump to your knees and come on down
and know your makin … so get on down

Our lust for notes will bore your blood
well they slither and slide under your hood
or making me shoot my poor pead um(M)
like a wild lady’s loving fire on steak
my cousin ween stone will kiss you with wet blood (M)
Gettin it gettin it gettin it good

In my head helllified hum sex U wellin her on the bum
Just get Nixon On the tung with my thumb i strum her plum
it time to make her orgazum kesses a bit like otterner(M) rum
I like to make her come to the rythm of the drum make it cum come

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