Warlocks in wonderland
I’ve gotta megatropolis in my hand
And a…subterranean marching band
Makin’ noise for the boys in the Vatican
And a

A little package and off we go
Oh…ticky ticky tackita tic tac toe
I know…everybody’s Eskimo
We’ve got another thing coming
And that’s our show…well

Every night I go looking for you
Everyone in the world adores you
A little pocket of something kind
To find your reason
Coming up on it everyday for
Look at me and it’s what I stay for
A little locket of fantasy
That we believe in

Lilacs and contraband
I’ve got Santa Monica in my hand
A little…Beatle mania when I can
And I’ve got two big bags of old Japan

Ring side and blow-by-blow
Another…main event at the old rainbow
We’re comin’…Right on top of the tupelo
When she looks just like Brigitte Bardot

Make a deal with Uncle Weezer
Sign your name to claim
China Chow will try to please her
Sweetness came from Jane

Warlocks in wonderland
I’ve gotta…Rockapotomus in my hand

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